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Online petition and appeal for support: say no to the UK's largest eviction of travellers

This on the latest situation at Dale Farm, from the Irish Traveller Movement in Britain (ITMB):

A decision was taken by Basildon Council last week in favour of issuing the 28 day notice period for the eviction of resident's at Dale Farm (although there are still negotiations taking place). This is despite widespread concerns from the UN, the Children's Commissioner and a recent visit to the site from the Council of Europe. If this goes ahead it will represent the largest ever eviction of Travellers in the UK, with over 150 children affected.

We have set up a petition calling on the Prime Minister to intervene, in order to stop a forced removal of residents and ensure that culturally appropriate alternative provision is identified and secured for the residents.

We would urge you to sign the petition and also to assist us by circulating to your networks. If you want any further information about the situation at Dale Farm a briefing paper is available on our website:

We would also be grateful if those of you who are interested in getting more directly involved in the campaign, could get in touch and we could add you to a mailing list as we are planning protests in the coming weeks. Also, if anyone is interested in getting involved as a legal monitor if the eviction goes ahead, more people are still needed and there will be training providing by the Human Rights Clinic at Essex law school on 31st March.

Meanwhile, the groups No One Is Illegal (NOII) and No Borders have released the following appeal to support the Dale Farm community:

I think everybody on these lists should be aware by now that there Camp Constance - a camp of supporters of Dale Farm in resisting eviction - is being established on 9 April. You will have seen various appeals for individuals and organisations to commit themselves to attending the camp.

Maintaining something like this is needs a substantial number of people most of whom will only be able to commit to one or two days/nights. Ideally at any time there ought to be four teams in the camp deployed in different locations. Each team should include activists, legal observers and communications people. So its a big ask being made to all those in solidarity.

What we need to be clear about, which hasn't been entirely clear before, is the difference between two calls. One is a call for organisations to commit to doing events at weekends. The other is a call for individuals or organisations to commit to dates on an on-going rota to cover all times. The (attempted) eviction is more likely to be during the week than the weekend although we certainly shouldn't dismiss the possibility of an eviction at a weekend. Clearly it would be better if groups could promise a date (day and/or night) because we can work as an affinity group better. HOWEVER, realistically it may turn out to be really difficult for NOII or London NB for example, to find a weekday which we can commit enough of us to. So the support network recognises that to get plenty of people in the camp during the week will depend largely on the availability of individuals.

So it would be good for NOII and LNB to think about the weekends and consider the possibility of a week date we can commit as organisations, but otherwise for individuals (or little friendship groups) on these lists to come forward to help in the week. Contact [email protected] or log on to or try Facebook 'Dale Farm Solidarity'.

Campaign to Save Dale Farm

Travellers at largest gypsy camp in Europe face eviction

from Grattan Puxon
Save Dale Farm Campaign
To read more click here

On 14th July 2005, Basildon Council voted to spend a minimum of £1.9 million to evict about 500 men, women and children from Dale Farm at Crays Hill, near Basildon. The Travellers have no alternative but to wait for the specialist firm of bailiffs, Constant & Co., to move in with police assistance. The estimated cost to the police is £1 million, which has to be paid out of public funds in addition to the £1.9 m. already set aside.

It is accepted by all concerned that the eviction won’t solve the problem as there are insufficient sites available for Gypsies and Travellers.

The residents at Dale Farm bought the land (previously used a scrap metal yard for over 25 years) and have developed it with their own money. They also pay about £1000 per dwelling in Council Tax! Health and educational professionals involved have indicated in reports to the Council that the health and welfare of the elderly, physically and mentally ill and the children will be seriously affected by the eviction. But the Conservative-dominated Council has stated that the eviction must take place as the land is designated as green belt land and such residential development will not be permitted.

Constant & Co. are currently facing legal action for damages following the brutal eviction of Travellers from other sites, some of whom now face evicton again at Dale Farm.

Peace & Progress is working with the residents to campaign for the right to stay at Dale Farm or be safely relocated to other land where they will be allowed to continue their lifestyle and become part of the local community.

For more information, please see the Briefing on this site about Travellers, the P&P Submission to the Council (which contains photographs of the site before and after development) and the letters from a representative of the Gypsies at Dale Farm to the Prime Minister and The Queen.

If you wish to play an active part in supporting Dale Farm please contact Peace and Progress on [email protected] or by phoning 07888 841586.

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